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Navigator 6.0

Rate Per Week £247.00

Category Code: 602

The Navigator 6.0 is the first self-powered push-around scissor lift achieving a working height of 6.0 metres.

Simply step in, turn the handle and elevate to your chosen working height, with materials and tools, giving you zero downtime and power-free working 24/7.

Carbon Zero, meaning no electrics, batteries or hydraulics. Safety features include an Anti climb vertical guardrail, tethering accessories for tools, Anti-surf brakes and transport and deck lock.

Product Specifications

Working Height 6.0m
Working Platform 4.0m
Platform Dimensions L X W 0.90 x 0.69m
Safe Working Load 150kg
Maximum Side Force 200 N
Maximum Windspeed (Outside) 12.5 m/s
Maximum Gradient 1 degree
Maximum Load Per Fixed Wheel 800 kg
Maximum Load Per Swivel Castor 2000 kg
Machine Weight 500 kg
Machine Length  1.60m
Machine Width  0.73m
Machine Height (when closed) 1.98m

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